Pope Francis has asked the whole Catholic Church worldwide to engage in a process of discernment under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. This process is called a synod. It involves everyone in the Church - clergy, religious, and lay Catholics, each participating according to the gifts and charisms of their vocation.


The word ‘synod’ comes from two Greek words ‘sun’ meaning together and ‘hodos’ meaning way. The English word synod, therefore, means making our way together, journeying together along the way, united in Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life.

The synodal process we are undertaking is guided by a fundamental question: 

How does ‘journeying together’ take place today on different levels (from the local level to the universal one), allowing the Church to proclaim the Gospel? And, what steps is the Spirit inviting us to take in order to grow as a synodal Church? (PD 2)

In our archdiocese we have about embarking on implementation of the fruits of our recent Synod which ended in June 2021.

The results as well as many resources about our own Synod journey can be accessed from the Synod 2020 website as well as the Pastoral Plan website. These results will form the basis of Archbishop Malcolm's discernment in reporting to the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.


Synod 2020

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 Pastoral Plan 

However, Archbishop Malcolm is also inviting everyone to respond to the invitation of Pope Francis and take part in the initial diocesan listening phase of the Synod. You may wish to offer submissions to the Vatican 2023 synodal process online (preferred format), via email  vaticansynod@rcaol.org.uk or via post: Vatican Synod 2023 Submissions, St Margaret Clitherow Centre, Liverpool Archdiocesan Office, Croxteth Drive, Liverpool L17 1AA.

Further guidance and documentation can be found on the websites of the Synod Office in Rome and from the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England & Wales.


Synod Office in Rome


 Catholic Bishops' Conference 

The Synod is seeking to help us all see how we might serve the Mission with which we've been entrusted in these times. A selection of questions, to explore the themes of Communion, Participation and Mission have been prepared and can be viewed online or downloaded here.

Parish Preparation Guidance is available here.