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Roy Bellmon tells us about the work of the SVP from St Mary's, Woolton.


When lockdown started, we looked at our list of contacts and each member of the SVP took responsibility to ring the same group of contacts each week. This means that all our contacts have somebody to talk to, fetch any shopping, run any errands and be available at anytime on the end of a phone. Members have been delighted at being able to offer this and we have all benefited from the calls. I know I speak for us all when I say it is a privilege to be able to do this.

We deliver shopping for those who have been unable to get out, take home baked cakes to our Carmelite friends at Maryton Grange each week on behalf of one of our ladies and shared many a laugh over the phone during what has been a difficult time for so many.

A big thank you to Woolton Round Table who kindly donated Asda vouchers that we were able to distribute to those who we knew would be grateful for them.

The lockdown has taught us many things. When we face challenging times, by working together as a team, we can still do great things and support each other.

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