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Georgina Duncan, Head Girl at St Mary’s College in Crosby,

shares her experience of studying at home.

Georgina Duncan - St. Mary's College.jpe

Remote learning has been eye-opening to say the least. It has made me appreciate communication skills and how, in lockdown, it has challenged me to work and learn in new ways. I suspect I won’t be alone in thinking that, away from my class-mates and teachers, I now suddenly appreciate what I previously had in school. I will never take communication between staff and friends for granted again. When I first heard that exams would be cancelled, I will confess to being devastated. I thought all my work and efforts had been wasted. I hope to study English Literature at the University of St Andrews in September, and have come to realise that the effort I had put towards my exams has simply been transferred to the next chapter of my education. This experience has forced me to be more organised, but what better way to prepare for the independence and responsibility expected at university than a programme of remote learning? It has made me appreciate technology’s ability to help us continue our what-would-be classroom lessons. You would think that classroom rapport is lost in translation over a video call, but it has in fact survived which has really helped me to stay motivated throughout these uncertain times. A negative I cannot avoid however is WiFi… need I say any more? Being in a house with four other ‘Teams’ users can bring its difficulties! On refection, as unprecedented as these times are, it will certainly be a fascinating story to tell in the future.

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