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Sue's RCIA journey - a call over many years

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My journey into the Catholic faith started many years ago when I was married. I then bore children who were baptised into the Catholic faith. We often went to church as a family. I would watch Bob and the children go up to receive communion as I sat on the sides watching, a bit like an outsider. Last year at Bob’s funeral in St Teresa’s Church, even though it was an awful day for me, I felt welcomed and was amazed at the beauty of the church building. I felt this intense need to keep returning to the church - as if something or somebody was calling me. I used to cry during most of the Mass. I don't know why.

When Father Chris mentioned to me about the RCIA group I was intrigued. I had found my path into the Catholic faith. The journey over the past almost 10 months has been amazing with such wonderful people I have met on the way. Now I am finally baptised, I most definitely feel part of this wonderful Catholic faith and I am no longer an outsider. Strangely enough, I don't cry as much during Mass now and feel so happy!

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