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My family is received into the Church - as told by Sue

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I had always wanted to become a Catholic, ever since I was a child. I went with my Catholic friend Debbie who lived next door to me, to her church of St Cuthbert’s. I also attended my church and went to Sunday school. A part of me always favoured the Catholic faith - I never had any indication at that time and age that I could become Catholic.

The years went by through teenage years, marriage, home, kids and work. Life was busy and then I became ill with a brain tumour. I found myself talking and praying to God like never before, and I hoped that God was listening to me. After my operation to remove the tumour in 2017 and while I was still recovering in hospital a priest came to see me. I had a really lovely conversation with him, and when he left all of the feelings of becoming Catholic came back stronger than ever before. I decided to become a Catholic.

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I met Veronica, Claire, and Fr Chris at my first RCIA meeting at St Teresa’s and felt so welcomed and relaxed, they were so lovely.  Our meetings were full of preparation to help us to explore and develop that initial decision to enter the Catholic Church. We learnt about the Stations of the Cross, the Last Supper and many more important and insightful subjects. As a group we prayed together which brought us all close not just to each other but also to God.

The Rite of Election at the Metropolitan Cathedral was an important step when we signed our names in the Book of the Elect. We had many joyful moments during the Rite of Election and visited St Joseph’s Prayer Centre in Formby on retreat with Archbishop Malcolm McMahon. Then came the day of my husband and my First Holy Communion and Confirmation. It was so special because when you receive Communion you are intimately united with Jesus Christ and he literally becomes a part of you.

Nowadays at Mass, everyone is so friendly and welcomes you and you learn so much going to church. I feel rewarded after Mass as it is so uplifting. Faith is a gift to cherish and I am strengthened by God as I live out my life each day. I feel honoured and feelings of fulfillment and contentment and I know I will love our God forever. My son and daughter have also been received into the Church this year.

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