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RCIA was a new direction for Hongfu and Min

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We have changed quite a lot in the last year. Last year it was a difficult time for our family. Our careers were going nowhere, and we had lost our beloved grandmother. We were confused and needed find out a new way to start over. One of our friends told us it was time to find our faith. We went to St Teresa’s Church and met Father Anthony, who encouraged us join the RCIA programme.

After that we came to a warm and lovely group with a helpful leader called Veronica. Thanks for helping us on our spiritual journey! We began to learn about being Catholic. Before we became Catholic, we always wondered - who do we live for? And why do we suffer in life? I knew that we live to work, to honour our parents, and to better the lives of our children. Life is short, but the center of life is not us and the pursuit of personal satisfaction… but our Heavenly Father can tell us the purpose of life!

God wants us to live a life of joy and peace, full of love and compassion. Since following the faith of the Lord, our hearts are full of gratitude and love. In the Bible Paul said: “I go straight to the benchmark, with purpose every step of the way.’ Now we have joined the Church and are members of God’s family. We can be His servants of grace. We have found the right direction and purpose for our lives.

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