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Marie and Derek from Upholland share their story

of how they have kept themselves occupied.

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We're both pensioners (he's 72 and I'm 67) and we've missed out on lots of family occasions, grandchildren, family birthdays, our 47th wedding anniversary, my own birthday and the two bank holidays.


Luckily we have close family with four children and eight grandchildren living locally. We've learned how to use Zoom to keep in touch and already use Facebook since our youngest went to university.


We are members of St Teresa's Church, Upholland and live nearby.


We haven't left the house since Thursday 19th March as I have a pacemaker and my hubby is over 70.


Judith, our youngest, being a teacher going to work, was so concerned about us catching the virus I didn't want to give her something else to worry about. Our second daughter is St Teresa's Parish organiser and working from home. Our older boys have been furloughed.

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