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We asked some of the younger members of our parish communities

to let us know what they had been doing in the lockdown period.

One such young person is Kelsea from Liverpool.


My name is Kelsea, I am 18 years old and from Liverpool. During lockdown, I have done a variety of things, such as gardening, cooking/baking, having Zoom calls with different groups that I am involved in, and a lot of cycling. I have also been very busy collecting and delivering essential shopping to those who cannot leave their homes.

I am usually very busy with different groups and I serve at the Cathedral. But when lockdown hit, I could not do as much as I was used to. Lockdown had me thinking "What can I do?" I sat there and a few things came to mind, I could go for a walk or sit in the garden. But then I thought "I can go out and go to the shops but others cannot!".

So, I made a few phone calls to colleagues, family, friends and parishioners in my parish and the Cathedral; just to see if they needed anything. Most were fine and had family members running errands for them. However, 4 or 5 people practically bit my hand off, saying how much they had been struggling to get everyday items, such as bread and milk. And so I have been able to help those people out as much as I could over the last few weeks.

It is great being able to give back to people who have given me so much throughout my life.

Lockdown has taught me to be more grateful for the simpler things in life, like leaving the house or going for a walk.

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