The With You Always programme has been suspended due to our current crisis and we are very sad that the planned and much longed for First Communion celebrations have been postponed. Some of you may already have passed the date that you were expecting First Holy Communion to take place whilst others will be approaching that date. Although you may have completed the seven sessions of With You Always we would like to encourage you to continue to pray together and to talk together as a family, sharing the longing that the whole Catholic community shares as a result of not being able to receive Jesus in the Eucharist.


Published below is a worksheet aimed at re-visiting some of the themes you worked with during your With You Always sessions. Please consider using this with your children.


There is also a short Guide to Family Resources which has some lovely ideas for creating shared experiences as a family through prayer and through creative activity. Just watching a short video clip can stimulate new ideas and conversation about our faith.

WYA session for use at home.jpg

Session for use at home

Family resources.jpg

 Guide to family resources