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Making (more) room for Jesus in your own home

Make time for each other,

never let work at home become more important

than spending time together.

Laugh often, tell jokes; Alexa tell us a joke…

Alexa is brilliant at finding jokes, songs, and musicals.

Share a funny family story that you remember.


Know when you have made a mistake or when you have hurt someone.

Have the courage to say ‘sorry.’

‘Please, thank you, and sorry’ are the three words that Pope Francis encourages us to say every day.  There is nothing like forgiveness to deepen love within the home.

Support one another and be thankful for each other.

Think back over the day at the things you are thankful for,

then say thanks to God. 


Share a meal together.

Practice home cooking as a family.

Eating together is so important – that’s why Jesus ate many meals with his friends.

Spend as much time as you can playing games or watching TV.

Let a different family member take the lead each time.


Leave little notes around your home telling someone how much you love them.  
Let music create an atmosphere of fun, and at the same time make some good memories.

Young children like nothing more than seeing adults being silly and dancing around the room

- and it’s good exercise!


Sharing life in a home can be difficult at times even when you love one another.

A good way to resolve conflict is by listening attentively to one another

and to try and see what life is like walking in the other person’s shoes.
And finally: reflect and talk about God, how he provides and guides us every day.

Nobody can explain God in the way that one walk in the woods with the family does.


Adapted from a reflection by Bill Huebsch and used with kind permission.

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