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The baptism leaflet below has been prepared for parents, to be given to them at the time of their child’s baptism. It is a way of showing our support and encouragement as they start on their journey of faith together and that can be used to help families reflect on the sacrament in these times when it is difficult to offer preparation as we may have done pre-pandemic.

Baptism leaflet.jpg

Baptism leaflet

10 easy ways to share faith.jpg

10 easy ways to share faith with your child as they grow

Baptism Preparation Resource Pack

An adult catechesis resource pack is available to help prepare parents for the baptism of their children. The resource has been widely piloted and used throughout the Archdiocese of Liverpool to engage parents at the baptism of their children and contains a catechist guide, 5 sets of cue cards for catechists and 5 sets of prayer cards for parents.

Baptism pack.jpg

The prayer cards for parents from the pack are available to purchase separately in a set of 100 (4 types of card) at a cost of £55.20 (inclusive of VAT and delivery).

Contact Gemini Print (Warrington) to order.

T: 01925 989 610 | E:

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