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Let Me Love You

Denis Blackledge SJ, Jesuit Parish Priest of Saint Francis Xavier’s Church in Liverpool delivers a series of armchair retreats.

Each week Fr Denis chooses a couple of scripture passages to break open the living word in a homely way to give fresh encouragement, and deepen the daily living of folk as friends and followers of Jesus.

Week 1: Beginning

Week 2: Lavish Love

Week 3: Know how cherished you are...

Week 4: Let me love you

Week 5: God created them

Week 6: Healing

Week 7: All called by Jesus

Week 8: Out of the depths

Week 9: Compassion

Week 10: Baptism

Week 11: The Storm

Week 12: Which one are you?

Week 13: Let the Lord hold you (a)

Week 13: Let the Lord hold you (b)

Week 14: Annunciation

Week 15: The birth of Jesus

Week 16: Presentation

Week 17: Trust

Week 18: The heart reaching out

Week 19: The Transfiguration

Week 20: Gift

Week 21: The Passion of Christ

Week 22: Peter's denial, mockery and thorns

Week 23: The Way of the Cross

Week 24: The Resurrection

Week 25: Thomas

Week 26: Touch

Week 27: With You Always

Week 28: Pentecost

Week 29: Gifts we have received (part 1)

Week 30: Gifts we have received (part 2)

Week 31: Conclusion

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